“The author does a stand-up job of placing you into the time, the atmosphere, and the story.”

Lily Torrence by Fred Andersen

“My theory was that readers just thought that they cared about nothing but the action; that really although they didn’t know it, they cared very little about the action. The thing they really cared about, and that I care about, was the creation of emotion through dialogue and description:”  Raymond Chandler.
“Exactly, Ray:” Me.

a fast-paced action story [with] extra dimensions of psychological depth . . . designed to keep thriller readers thinking beyond the story’s final passages.” Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

At the corner of Hollywood & Crime.

A fable of classic Hollywood, where image is king, but sex is queen, and murder and blackmail are her handmaidens.

The truth behind the shooting of Marty Nuco involves a decade-long cover-up of despicable behavior by some of the most celebrated and powerful people in the movie industry. It also leads to the inescapable conclusion that corruption and lies never die, they just take new names and put on new faces.

Line in the Sand: My new book.

When drug gang hit men appear at a Phoenix elementary school late one afternoon, a fourth grade teacher and a janitor become the protectors of two immigrant boys, and their lives are changed instantly and permanently. The boys are innocent victims of a Mexican cartel war that has crossed the line in several and serious ways.

Hard Boiled to Noir to Eternity

Fred Andersen’s presentation on classic mystery in print and on film reveals, with fascinating stories and cool images how Hard Boiled/Noir became one of the enduring creations of 20th Century American culture. This is a great show for book, film, mystery fans.

Recent Presentations at Louisiana Book Festival 2017, Mesa Community College, Left Coast Crime 2018.

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In the meantime, enjoy this article about film noir.



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