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No fantasy or legends here, no far-away galaxies or mists of a distant time. A Line in the Sand is an unblinking look at some tough, terrible realities that decent people don’t deserve but have to endure anyway. BUT you will find exciting action, complex characters and thought-provoking narratives in A Line in the Sand by Fred Andersen.

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It’s a story of horrible violence, thrilling action and emotional suspense. Two heavily-armed killers are defeated by a man with a button; a kidnapping takes place in the most strongly-guarded part of the city; a Mexican drug cartel is busted—or did it simply transform itself into something even more evil? And above all, while Mallory have a good time this weekend?

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A new suspense novel from Fred Andersen

When are you safe? Who do you trust? Is it ever right to do wrong? These questions drive the characters in A LINE IN THE SAND, the story of four near-strangers who must band together to defeat a vicious and powerful gang, while hiding their actions from law enforcement.

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