Maria’s robe had fallen open around her white breasts.  She pulled it closed and smiled uncertainly.  “What?”
Lily knew she had been caught looking.  But she had come here with a purpose.  “There’s something I have to ask you.  It’s not easy.”
“Ask me anything.  Except to go back to, you know.”  Maria slumped.
“I’ll never ask you to do that.”  With a gentle finger Lily lifted the girl’s chin and studied the pale rose skin of her face and throat.  “Make love to me.”
“Do you like it that way?”
Lily shrugged.  “I’ve never done it.  Never wanted to.  But someone I know wants to.  So in a way it’s like an acting class.  You show me how a woman would like it.  I mean, I know, but you know, you could show me, I don’t know.”
“When?  Where?  Now?”
“No, not now.  Not with him here.  I’ll come back tomorrow night.”
“No.  I’ll get rid of him.”  Maria’s arm snaked out and around Lily, and she kissed her, lingeringly, on the cheek.  She turned her head.  “Johnny?” she called.  “Baby?”
It all seemed very familiar to Lily, but she’d never been on this side of it before.  Being the one who needed it.
Maria turned back to her, a sly smile on her face.  “How about a slug?”