“The whole thing started long before someone planted two slugs in Marty Nuco. Few minded Nuco getting killed, but the affair threatened careers and reputations all over town.
“So Lyman understood why they covered it up. But a young girl was killed, and bad people got awaye with extortion and murder, and it just seemed to Lyman that he was the only one left who could tell the real story.
“And he thought he should tell the real story.”



“Entertaining, informative, and not to be missed if you like strong female characters and period mysteries.” [Deadly Pleasures]
“A fun film noir–within a film noir– read.” [Amazon reader review]

This is a tale of classic Hollywood told with 21st Century perspective. A modern reader will recognize the #metoo moments, the sexual victimization and extortion. But these movie stars, directors, powerful executives and powerless starlets are fully complex characters, stuck in the snow globe of 1940s Hollywood. The heartless villain is a family man hopelessly in love, the hero is an ex call-girl trying to save others from that fate, but also a cold-blooded killer. And the sleuth who ends up noble started out just trying to save his cushy job.

Publication Date: December 16, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-77127-888-1 (print);
Retail Price: $10.99 (print)
Page Count: 200 Genre: Mystery
Subgenres: hardboiled, noir, historical—1940s.
Categories and Tags: Classic Hollywood murder mystery; noir; hard-boiled; amateur sleuth; corrupt cops; illicit sex; gay; lesbian; promiscuity; prostitution; blackmail; extortion
BISAC Codes: FIC050000, FICTION / Crime
FIC022060, FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Historical
FIC022010, FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Hard-Boiled



Fred Andersen is a historian and fiction writer who combined two passions to create a Hollywood murder mystery set at the dawn of film noir.
Facebook: Fred Andersen Frequent Author
website: fxandersen.com
email: fxandersen@msn.com

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