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My favorite movies that nobody else cares about: 1

We all have them, guilty pleasure movies with bad reviews and no fans, but you just happened upon it one night on Channel 44 or whatever. So here’s one of mine.  Rancho Deluxe (1976). Rancho was contemporary western with a gorgeous Montana setting based on a novel by gorgeous Montana writer Frank McGuane. It starred […]

Pregnant w/o a Cause

This is the latest edition of Wilshire Lewis’s YA-NA-MC-RTV comic novel. For the acronymically challenged, that’s: YA: Young Adult (teen) NA: New Adult (twenties-ish, or, alright millenial) MC: Midlife Crisis (thirty-somewhat, Gen X, and usually Gen Ex-) RTV: Reality TeleVision (The Genre That Ate Basic Cable) YANAMCRTV is pronounced, Yana McRatvey, or in Glasgow (only) […]

Whazzup w’ me

March 22-25: Left Coast Crime, Reno, signing and schmoozing. April 27: Sonya Andersen graduates with a Masters in counseling! April 28-29: Bay Area Book Festival, Berkeley. Selling and Signing. This summer: more book festivals, events and presentations . . .