What happened?

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When ordinary people meet professional killers, only darkness can even the odds.

Mexico’s drug war is real, and the source of corruption, violence and atrocities against innocent people. If it were to leak across the border,

How would American citizens be affected?

How would we react?

Ruthless assassins face off against a janitor, a teacher, and two immigrant children and lose.

Head custodian Frank is just about to lock up Grand Avenue school for the night when he sees the strangers, and the automatic pistols they carry.  Frank knows they’ve come for the two Mexican boys spending the night in Ms. Castellon’s room, and that they could hurt the teacher too.  Rushing through the halls on his bum leg, he has the kids and the teacher almost out of danger when the killers close in.  Thanks to his quick wits and “dumb luck pushed to the limit,” Frank kills the two gunmen. But he knows more will be coming, so he has to not only get rid of them, but make it look like they were never there.

Before the night ends, Frank learns why the boys were targeted by the drug mob, and just how tough the petite and serious Ms. Castellon can be.  And he finds out they’ve only won the first round of a very tough fight.