If you’ve been eagerly awaiting Avengers Infinity War

You will probably hate my blog.
Sorry. I like to post about stuff that is from the world of the real, the tough, the hard (maybe even -boiled) and the classically goofy. It won’t all be OLD, but it will be CLASSIC.
●What does the sound of a distant train horn mean when you are poor and lonely and dreaming of a better place?
●What was it like to be having breakfast in Oahu, Hawaii one morning, and walking outside to see a Japanese fighter plane strafing a line of bullets right up your street?
●In my book, the characters are in the grip of their times, the 1930s and ‘40s. A 2017 reader has an entirely different frame of reference. Today there is a level of acceptance that simply did not exist back then. If you were a public figure, especially in Hollywood, you were not gay.
But, in a way, so what? After all, to be in the upper echelons of Hollywood, you had possibly already given up your name, your family history, your cultural background, your natural hair color or hair line. You may well have had sex you didn’t want to have, given up a child or a spouse, and betrayed the one friend or colleague you had sworn never to desert. After all that, the loss of one’s open expression of sexuality was perhaps a minor quibble, or in an overwhelmingly closeted world, maybe even a relief.

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