My favorite movies that nobody else cares about: 1

We all have them, guilty pleasure movies with bad reviews and no fans, but you just happened upon it one night on Channel 44 or whatever.

So here’s one of mine.  Rancho Deluxe (1976). Rancho was contemporary western with a gorgeous Montana setting based on a novel by gorgeous Montana writer Frank McGuane. It starred Jeff Bridges and Sam Watterston as modern-day rustlers in the outlaw-country West: their hair is long, their attitudes anti-establishment and the music is by Jimmy Buffett (semi pre-famous).

The Neg: all forgotten movies have them.

  • Lame backstory re the Bridges and Waterston characters.
  • Sam Waterston as an Indian.
  • Director Frank Perry would soon after  commit career suicide with Mommy Dearest.
  • Horrible Reviews. Roger Ebert: “I don’t know how this movie went so disastrously wrong. 1 1/2 Stars.”

The Pos:

  • The stars don’t matter cuz the flick is rustled by a gang of ruthless character actors.
  • Slim Pickens as the cattle detective Henry Beige: This would be the role of a lifetime if he hadn’t already done that in Dr. Strangelove.
  • Clifton James, the archetypal movie blowhard of the ’70s, as a baffled beauty- parlor-owner-turned-land-baron.
  • Charlene Dallas as Beige’s irresistibly fetching “niece.”
  • Harry Dean Stanton and Richard Bright as a pair of dimwitted co-conspirators.
  • The gorgeous Montana Scenery in almost every shot.
  • Sam Waterston as an Indian!

The Why:

  •  With a face like that and a name like that, how did Charlene Dallas not become a star?

The Highlight

(Since this is virtually the only clip from the movie on YouTube, you know we’re talkin’ obscure!

Until next time . . .

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