Line in the Sand

Line in the Sand

In this contemporary thriller a Mexican drug cartel takes on a sixth grade teacher from Phoenix and loses. Twice.

A fast-paced action story [with] extra dimensions of psychological depth . . . designed to keep thriller readers thinking beyond the story’s final passages.

Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review, Sept. 2018

When the son of drug cartel boss is killed in Mexico in a shootout with a local businessman, his wife and children flee to the U.S. and the family is divided and goes into hiding. The ruthless cartel tracks the two boys and one day enters their elementary school intent on killing them, but school plant manager Frank Martin and teacher Brenda trap and inadvertently kills the would-be killers instead, creating a chain of events that leads the boys to flee once again; this time with U.S. citizens involved in something far beyond their experience.

Tugs at your gut.

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This video is for a previous version of the story called “Darkness, Darkness”- a short story published by Uncial Press that sets the tone and style for “A Line in the Sand”.

The tension is introduced immediately and it grows steadily. Fred Andersen’s writing is strong, focused and balanced; the characters are likeable and the plot is driven by conflict. It is a gripping, suspenseful read!

 Readers’ Favorites Reviews, Sept. 16.