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Pregs in a Serial!

More mystery, suspense and drama from Fred Andersen:

Lily Torrence

Lily Torrence

A tale of ambitious and unscrupulous movie people (from the lowest to the highest) trying to hide their past sins while ensuring their future success.

Pamela Carr

Pamela Carr

A #metoo story about the intersection of sex and power and ambition, and the price of success.

Line in the Sand

A Line in the Sand

In this contemporary thriller a Mexican drug cartel takes on a sixth grade teacher from Phoenix and loses. Twice.

The Dead Cartoonist

A mystery in exotic locales, a romance, a family drama, but above all it’s about comics, cartoons, and the wild and funny people who draw them.

Honest Reviews

The author does a stand-up job of placing you into the time, the atmosphere, and the story.

Jennie Reads

Fred Andersen’s writing is strong, focused and balanced; the characters are likable and the plot is driven by conflict.

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