Pamela Carr

Pamela Carr

Paperback – February 29, 2020

Two women arrive in Hollywood just after World War II. They both have brains and ambition. One will become a star but sacrifice everything she loves; the other will become the victim of a sexual predator too powerful to be denied—or prosecuted.

(234 pp. trade paperback: $11.49)

 Pamela Carr is a sordid tale that shares a couple of characters with and briefly refers to my previous Hollywood murder mystery, Lily Torrence. It is set at the end of World War II in Germany, New York and Hollywood. Though there are a couple of deaths, a sleuth, some tough cops and lying suspects, this is not so much a murder mystery as a catalogue of deadly sins, particularly lust, ambition, and arrogance, all of which are most especially seen in the pattern of abuse and denial that we now call #metoo, and that in 1948 they called business as usual.

Pamela Carr is really the story of two women: Priscilla Preston (who has her name changed to Pamela Carr by the studio) and Anna, a German refugee (whose last name no one can pronounce). Their stories are taken from real Hollywood scandals, and reveal the sleaze behind the success and glamour. The characters are relatable and memorable, the storytelling is detailed, expressive, and descriptive, leaving readers curious to know what happens next.


Mamta Manhavan, Readers’ Favorite Reviews